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Infrastructure Credit

We provide long durated credits underpinned by critical infrastructure to finance real assets essential for economic growth.

What we do

We principally invest in critical energy infrastructure in Canada and the United States to support a range of resources required for energy transition while ensuring current global energy needs continue to be met.

Long-Term Mindset

We are long term partners supporting the energy projects of today and tomorrow.   We look to invest in projects that will provide a meaningful contribution to the energy mix needed to power our planet for years to come.

Predictable & Stable

Our infrastructure investments are underpinned by contracted cash flows generated by real assets with demonstrated residual value. All investments go through a rigorous due diligence process conducted by our experienced energy and structuring investment professionals.


We understand the immense challenge of meeting our current energy needs without compromising our future.  The impact of our investments is considered holistically, and our commitment to responsible investing is continuous. We work with our partners to regularly improve ESG performance, accountability, and disclosure.

Targeted Investments


We invest alongside top developers and operators who have a track record of success in bringing new energy projects to market.


We support companies looking to free up capital from their balance sheet to recycle into high return on investment opportunities.


We provide holistic credit solutions to companies backstopped by a portfolio of critical energy infrastructure.

Our investments in energy infrastructure are crucial for meeting the global energy demand required for long term innovation to continue to flourish.

Select Investments

Energy Infrastructure

SAF provided $140 million of project financing in support of multiple energy projects. The financing has helped our partner continue to displace coal consumption for baseload electricity supply across North America with a clean burning alternative.

Energy infrastructure

SAF provided $70 million against a portfolio of energy infrastructure assets to reduce leverage during a period of low energy pricing. Our partner has become one of the leading Canadian energy companies while materially reducing emissions intensity.


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