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Direct Lending

We provide a wide range of senior and unitranche credit offerings to middle and lower middle market companies primarily in North America.

What we do

We support middle and lower middle market companies with flexible credit solutions and provide investors with stable attractive risk adjusted returns.


We bring sophisticated credit strategies, typically only available from mega funds, to smaller companies and a wider range of investors.  This allows us to support more companies in their efforts to expand, innovate, and support local communities through job creation.


We apply a rigorous bottom-up approach to credit underwriting without losing sight of the full picture.  As business opportunities, complexities, and global  competition grow ever stronger, we believe proactive management is increasingly important for what was previously a passive asset class.


In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, banks began to reduce exposure to smaller companies leaving them starved for capital.  We are working to fill the void for these companies that make up the backbone of the economy and local communities.

Targeted Investments


We provide senior loans to partners looking for a single capital provider capable of scaling in tandem with their growth initiatives.


We are able to recognize collateral value where traditional creditors do not and provide flexible financing that coexists with other creditors.


We provide margin loans intended to grow with our partners as they expand their asset base.

This is not about us simply giving a company a loan but working with them to find a credit solution that won't undermine their capital structure and growth ambitions.

Select Investments

Financial Services

We provided a real estate firm with a $25 million margin loan to finance a pipeline of near-term opportunities. The partnership is intended to grow over time and provide funding certainty to successfully bid on new projects.


We provided our partner with a $16 million loan to finance the restart of an asset when commercial bank financing was unavailable. After successfully restarting the asset and achieving positive cash flow, our partner was able to reapproach commercial bank sources.


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